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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 20, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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virginia. at the newsdesk, we have the latest. >> following devastating news all morning long throughout the midwest. specifically taking you to shawnee. 65 miles outside of oklahoma. the video, you can see the devastation. houses completely torn apart, devastated. we have cars turned upside down. this one specifically, a mobile home park. we do know now, this information just in to the newsroom, one person confirmed dead. a 79-year-old man. he was found dead inside that mobile home park. and, guys, this is not overyet. a much different story in the district. no severe weather but dealing with a hot and humid -- well, warm.
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definitely a humid morning. >> tom kierein is here with that and see if this is a recipe for storms later, tom. >> yeah. find your flip-flops. you have flipped over to a summer pattern here with us for the week ahead. a mild and muggy start in prince george's county, mid-60s. in montgomery, arlington, fairfax counties, district of columbia, generally upper 60s, around the region, west virginia, virginia, maryland, in the 60s. a few breaks in the clouds by 7:00. by 9:00 near 70 degrees. by noontime, should be into the mid-70s. a small chance of a shower mainly south of the metro area around noontime. hometown forecast, rockville, montgomery county by noontime in the mid-70s and partly sunny. a slight chance of a shower. a look at rest of your monday in ten minutes. a possibility of storms this afternoon. i'll tell you when coming up at 6:11. a look at traffic with danella. >> breaking news in i-95.
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northbound, facing a five-mile backup because of the tractor trailer accident. near garrisonville road. delays about five miles. you're jammed out of stafford as you continue northbound, here at about 14 miles per hour. sluggish as you approach the accident, it's on the left side of the roadway. you're able to get by single file to the right. traveling southbound, out of frederick, maryland, closer to 139. past clarksburg road, travel lanes open up. germantown area, no issues, southbound or northbound, continuing to rockville. same story to tell here. what your view looks like at tuckerman lane. an easy trip connecting to the beltway. checking the rails. flip-flopped. tom was talking about flip-flopped. eight minutes, brunswick east. 870 and brunswick east 890 looking at a seven-minute delay. >> danella, thank you. right now, more connecticut
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state troopers on the streets prepared for a busy commute following a train crash that shut down a busy rail line to new york. the governor is warning about traffic troubles as those train riders find another way to get to work. amtrak suspended service between new york and new haven. crews are rebuilding the track, overhead wires and signals. they already removed the two trains that collided on the tracks in fairfield. nine people remain in the hospital. federal investigators are looking into the cause of that crash. breaking news out of iraq this morning. the death toll is climbing from a series of car bombings. at least 34 people were killed in those explosions. one in baghdad. some in the southern city of basra as well. new video of one of the blasts. hearing of at least nine bombs in baghdad alone. no one claiming the attacks yet. and a woman charged with killing her husband, is to appear in court.
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elizabeth sprawleding shot and killed her husband stephen sprawleding friday night in their hone. a washington authority area police officer. charged with first-degree murder. the couple's two children were at home at the time of the shooting. they are okay and staying with family friends. 6:04 right now. learning new detail answer the fbi agents killed in a virginia beach training except last week. special agents christopher lorick and stephen shaw, members of an elet hostage rescue team based at quantico. the same team that made headlines, they successfully rescued a 5-year-old boy health hostage is an underground bunker in alabama. this man, agents captured and tilled him. jimmy lee dykes. he took the boy from a school bus. happening today, immigration will once again be front and saernt for lawmakers on the hill. the committee resumes hearing on a bill on immigration reform. that mesh hear 300 amendments
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under consideration. today we're also expecting the union that represents thousands of immigration officers to publicly oppose that bill. that group says the legislation does not address major concerns about the current system. right now, the winner of the largest powerball jackpot in history is a mystery. reporters and curious neighbors stalking this publix grocery store in the tine nah tampa suburb of zephyrhills where the winning ticket was sold. so far no one the claimed the jackpot. to put things in perspective, the pinnings are about 12 times the city budget for zephyrhills last year. $46 million. and at 13 residents if they split the prize, each person would take tohome a cool $44,00. officials tell us a $1 million 60s told here in lorden. one of 33 tickets snagswide that matched five numbers, not the powerball, though.
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in case you want to check again, here are the number, 10, 13, 14, 22, 52 and the powerball is 11. new this morning, dramatic video caught on camera as a hot air balloon loses control and crashes. what we're learning about the deadly accident at this hour. also ahead, we've watched gas prices jump the last few days, but we'll show you why it's now not all bad news when you stop to fill up. tom? it is a mild and muggy monday morning. good morning, i'm storm team 4 meerlgts tom kierein. in the 60s now.
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welcome back at 6:10 today. united airlines plans to once again resume flights with the 787 dreamliner. that entire fleet was grounded in january for a number of safety concerns surrounding the jet's battery, but boeing
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received approval last month to fix that problem. united is currently the only airline in the country to have dreamliners in its fleet. >> gas prices are up six cents. crude oil prices have gone up and now that expense is being passed on to drivers. despite the rise, aaa will see lower prirss a the pump this memorial day weekend compared to last year. in the district now, the average is $3.75 for regular unleaded. in maryland, $3.50. in virginia, average is $3.39, and in west virginia, you're paying on average, $3.65. >> we'll watch the gas prices getting closer to memorial day. see if they continue to go up. >> right now watching the weather for you this morning pap breeze there outside union station, but it's a warm breeze. >> it is. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorology tom kierein. 6:11. time for weather. >> it is a mild and muggy monday morning. it's a short-sleeved forecast here for the next several days. right now we're in the 60s all around the region including all
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of west virginia, virginia, maryland, eastern shore and our nearby suburbs, and later today we'll be up near 80 degrees by mid-afternoon. here's your hour-by-hour forecast. by 8:00 a.m., near 70. mid-70s by noon. sunshine in and out this morning. small chance of a you shower noontime. between 3:00 and 6:00, could get passing thundershowers. temperatures hovering near 80 degrees. sunrise at 5:52. sunset, 8:18. the week ahead, and the first look at your memorial day weekend is in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> still checking on breaking news. i-95 northbound. tractor trailer crash still blocking the left side of the roadway. you'll get by single file as you travel northbound at 610. delays, five miles. your travel speed, approaching the accident, you're just at 15 miles per hour and delays continue even past the accident. you are just a bit sluggish as you continue northbound. aaron? >> we'll check back in a few minutes, danella. his brush with the boston
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marathon bombing suspects left him moments from death. now the police officer shot left for dead is talking about his recovery and what lies ahead. >> also ahead, the general rossry of red
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6:15. breaking news out of china right now. five people are dead, 20 missing. this is after an explosion at a factory in eastern china. this happened in the shang dong province, 250 miles south of beijing. rescue operations are still going on. last check, nine survivors pulled from the rubble. investigators are not sure what caused that blast. new this morning, a hot air balloon crashed in central turkey killing one person and injuring 24 others. look at the video showing it as the crash happened. that balloon was flying above small volcano, a popular tourist attraction at this time of the year, when the crash happened. new developments in indonesia where five more bodies have been pulled from a collapsed gold and copper mine. that brings the death toll to 14. another 14 workers are still missing. the mine owned by american company freeport-mcmoran caved in tuesday while dozens of workers were undergoing safety
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training. ten rescued. recovery efforts slow as crews try to stabilize the ground. more than 20,000 people work at that mine. the south korean president's office is now urging north korea to stop launching missiles. this as south korea tries to figure out if the north fired missiles or a new type of artillery into its eastern waters over the weekend. at this point, we can tell you the north conducted four launches, south korean scientists now trying to analyze pieces that were recovered from those projectiles pyongyang fired. 6:16. today is the start of an exhausting week for secretary john kerry who leaves this afternoon for a week-long trip to the middle east and africa. his first stop will be amman. he'll meet with key allies in jordan on wednesday to discuss ways to end the crisis in syria. kerlry will spend wednesday and thursday in the east bank trying to restart peak talks between the two governments and go to ethiopia before returning to the u.s. next monday.
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and claiming a spy, he's out of the country. russian television stations are reporting that ryan fogel was on a plane that left moscow yesterday. we don't know where fogel was heading. the u.s. embassy will not comment on the case. russia says it caught fogel trying to recruit one of its intelligence officers to spy for the cia. it ordered him to leave the country last week. today we will hear from convicted killer jodi arias in the penalty phase of her trial. a phoenix jury convicted arias earlier this month of first-degree murder. she admits she killed her ex-boyfriend but claims it was self-defense. she could receive the death penalty. police in colorado springs trying to figure who made a bomb and left it blocks away from an elementary school. someone spotted that device yesterday morning. police say the bomb was made with commercial fireworks and could have hurt someone. the bomb squad deactivated it. today, two students injured in the boston marathon bombings will graduate from boston college. brittany loring and leeza certain with both hurt during last month's explosion at the
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finish line. the business students have recovered enough to participate in the graduation ceremony. and a 33-year-old police officer injured in a shoot-out with the suspected bombers is slowly recoveringhelp was shot and the bullet severed a major artery in his leg. he is out of the hospital and at a rehabilitation center. he can now eat and walk on his own. he and his wife say it has ban tough recovery. >> it's been, moments where i probably yelled or sworn a few times here or there. right, kim? but -- >> he apologized to some nurses. >> yeah. had to hear the brunt of it all, but, after that i usually said, okay. let's get this done. >> he still has the bullet in his leg and says he is eager to return to police work. >> if you pass a few choice words when going through that, a little pass. >> wishing him a speedy recovery. >> absolutely.
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a look at the forecast. clouds for us as we get started today, and a lot of muggy air, too. >> see what this means for our weather. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with the forecast. >> flipping the switch from spring to summer over the weekend. it got muggy and the muggies with us for the week ahead. here in the team 4 center, fog around and temperatures are in the mild mid-60s across most of west virginia, virginia, maryland, and the eastern shore, and the district of columbia that include nearby suburbs. staying in the 60s another hour or so. by noontime, sunshine and and out and temperatureshe 70s. mid-afternoon, the 80s. possibility of scattered thundershowers. a little thunder and lightning moving in between 3:00 and 6:00. about a 40% chance of that. the rest of the evening, partly cloudy. by mid night, temperatures back down into the low 70s and then the muggy pattern continues.
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it will feel like summer here for the week ahead as we approach the memorial day weekend. tomorrow, partly sunny. warm, humid. after highs, mid-80s, and maybe a few isolated thundershowers during the afternoon. then on wednesday, even hotter. going to feel like mid-july into the upper 80s and partly sunny, still steamy and perhaps afternoon thundershowers. could get a few more thundershowers, maybe more cloudiness on thursday. highs into the low 80s. storm team 4 seven-day outlook into your memorial day weekend. friday, big getaway day, looking pretty good. just a small chance of a thundershow thundershower, highs mere s nea. 50s on saturday and sunday. partly cloudy on sunday. still pleasant, highs near 80. i'm back in ten minutes with another hometown forecast. here's danella with your monday morning commute. >> good morning. well, tom, tracking breaking news on i-95. an update. good news. traveling northbound, i-95.
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past garrisonville road, you're going to see your left shoulder lane blocked. that earlier crash blocking the left side of the lane, getting by. clear to the shoulder. delays remain traveling northbound, just 15 miles per hour as you pass 630 and head towards 610. other than that on i-95, travel lanes open. route 50 in maryland. the trip around bowie and making your way towards the beltway in both directions east and west, travel lanes are open. a live look at 202 landover road continuing towards new york avenue. good news here. travel lanes are open. no accidents to report. now we'll shoot over to the rails. also good news. metro bre not reporting delays. brunswick east now one delay on train number 810, that is. a five-minute delay. trying to put a silver lining on a bad situation. how couples are cashing in after calling off their weddings. also ahead, he didn't call off his
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take that trip down the aisle doesn't mean you have to lose all of your deposits. a website called bridal brokerage is helping couples that call off their weddings at the points where it's too late to get refunds. the site let's them list thing, the reception location, flowers, other services and couples getting married can then take advantage of the saving, sometimes thousands of dollars worth of savings. robert griffin iii is firing back at critics upset at his public wedding registry. he posted this tweet that reads, i didn't ask the fans to buy me anything. they found it on their own and decided to get what they could. smh, or shaking my head, at all of these debbie downers. that tweet in the response to this picture griffith posted with a thank you note to fans who bought items off of his bed bath & beyond registry. we put it up on, search rg3 registry. >> you think he has things like a coffee maker, and, you know,
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trash cans. >> people want to buy you stuff -- it's on a registry. making history at the white house a guess. fresh criticism for the republican party of virginia, as its nominee for governor continues a statewide tour. and milestone cadets at naval academy, what they're reaching for today. temperatures already on the rise around the district this morning. we could be setting the tabltd for some storms, too. what to expect today with ♪
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[ female announcer ] from meeting customer needs... to meeting patient needs... ♪ wireless is limitless. breaking news out of iraq this morning. no one claiming responsibility just yet for a series of deadly car bombings. those bombs xploe s xploeted in and basra. the death roll reached 40 in those attacks. more than 100 people also hurt. america's heartland is waking up to devastation this morning. several tornadoes tore through communities in oklahoma, kansas and iowa, and early this morning
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we've learned one man was killed. coming up in about 15 minutes, live to oklahoma for an update on the recovery and more potential threats today. and first 4 traffic, danella sealock tracking breaking news. >> following an accident on i-95 northbound near garrisonville road. the tractor trailer crash, just the right lane moving by. now moved to the shoulder lane. good. travel lanes are open but you are jammed. slow, just 17 miles per hour as you try to make your way towards this earlier accident. let's zoom out and talk about delays. traveling i-95 northbound this morning, facing at least a six-mile backup from route 17, heavy on the brakes as you pass garrisonville road, still just a bit slow continuing towards quantico. over to i-66 checking delays here as well. 66 eastbound at subtly. these delays continue to centreville. good news, east and westbound 66 no accidents reported but usual delay here's. once you get to centreville road
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as you head towards the beltway, your travel lanes are open, and it's a bit sluggish. nowhere near as bad as this. aaron? >> danella, thank you. overcast skies not keeping things cool around the district now. flirting with 70 degrees, and it's only going to get hotter and muggier. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking some storm potential as well. >> yeah, for the first time this year it's feeling like summer. increased humidity coming in as we do have the humidity with us where you're going to have a possibility of afternoon thunderstorms. right now around the region, temperatures are in the 60s. from across west virginia into virginia and maryland, that includes, montgomery, prince george's fraer faairfax and col. by 10:00, near 70 degrees. a bit, holding steady, 60, knee
6:32 am
near 70. a muggy morning. dress for a summerlike day today. to ket storms later this afternoon. i'll tell you what time i think we may be getting them coming through. that's in ten minutes. >> tom, thank you. news 4's at the newsdesk with breaking news. >> following breaking news out of north korea where they have fired two more short-range missiles. look at the video just in to the newsroom. you can see them firing some of those missiles off of a boat. we do know the two launches fired today have both been fired into the sea off north korea's east coast. now, this makes six launches in the past three days of these short-range missiles. so very big deal here. north korea calling these launches legitimate military drills. we have yet to hear from any u.s. or any south korea army officials about these launches, but, again, this makes six launches in the past three days. north korea launching two of these this morning.
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that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you, tony. virginia's republican candidate for governor is making a statewide campaign swing this week and he'll make four stops today with his newly formed gop ticket. attorney general joined by his lieutenant governor nominee and new attorney general nominee for day two of this fly-around, including roanoke, abbingville and all in west virginia. the group stopped in fay fairfad made clear their main focus, the company. >> the main area we have to address effectively is job creation, and they don't want to talk about that, because their candidate's record on that has fallen apart around his ears, but that is the what we've stayed focused on. >> the challenge hear a slight advantage in the latest poll. democrat terry mcauliffe has support of 43% of voters, kooch nelly, 38%. and virginia democrats
6:34 am
issues new attacks against the gop ticket in an e-mail to supporters saying the lieutenant governor nominee they make up the most extreme state-wide ticket virginia has ever seen. that memo also contains criticism of each of the nominee's policies on gay rights, women rights and birth control. today a grand jury is expected to hear the case against a taxi driver accused of shooting alexandria police officer peter la boy. the krgrand jury will decide if there is enough evidence to accuse him. accused of being shot at a routine traffic stop. the boy suffering traumatic brain injury leading to several surgeries. and hofstra university, white ribbons and a moment of silence. a police officer accidentally shot 21-year-old angela revalo
6:35 am
trying to take into custody a man who broke into her house. officers killed the suspect in that exchange. a bold break-in. arlington county police reviewing surveillance video after someone broke into a sports hub. they stole money from inside the crystal city sports hub, managed to do it without setting off a alarms and censors. today it could reopen. president obama welcomes myanmar's prez, the former general will become the first myanmar president to be welcomed to the white house in almost a half century. many human rights activists are upset about those's visit saying that myanmar's leader hasn't done enough to stop the ethnic violence in his country. today the university of virginia's board of visitors will discuss its own future. the board is holding meetings today and tomorrow in charlottesville.
6:36 am
members are picking a new vice rector. he or she will succeed rector helen dragous. her two-year term ends next month. board memberless also decide on a new -- a provost will require, either to fire the president or accept the president's resignation. a popular tradition will have freshmen at the naval academy racing to the top this afternoon. today the class of 2016 currently known at plebes will form a human pyramid and try to climb to the top of the naval academy the monument. this is filed video from past trips to the top, if you will. that monument is greased up. at the top is a dixie hat worn by plebes. the plebe who makes it to the top replaces it with a midshipman's cap. it kicks off at 1:30. and tone hey moy has more b news. >> right to the video now. you can see the intense fire
6:37 am
going on right now. this is a six-alarm fire at a condo unit in dallas, texas. 24 units are in fire right now. they have over 100 firefighters on the scene. now, this is the concerning part. one firefighter is trapped. saying that his last radio contact was that he didn't know where he was. they have one firefighter they don't know where he is at. they have also suffered some first floor collapses in this fire as well, and we'll continue to follow this story. again a six-alarm fire going on in dallas, texas, at this condo unit. you can see in that video right there, multiple fire engines there with ladders up. you can see the intense flames. we'll continue to follow the story. guy, send it back to you. >> tony, watching the commute along the east coast this morning as one of the busiest rail corridors in the country remains closed after a train derailment. the impact felt here in the district. and a new option for people who use metro. how it can make it easier to buy a week's worth of rides. plus new, we continue to
6:38 am
track breaking news out of the heartland where the search for survivors continues after a series of deadly tornadoes. what we're learning when we go live to oklahoma just ahead. tom? good morning. collar-soaking humidity is back. feeling like summertime the next few days. could get storms this afternoon. a muggy start right now. we could see thunderstorms here later today around our
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welcome back at 6:41. right now you may want to check your powerball ticket. you didn't win the jackpot in this area, but the virginia lottery says a $1 million ticket was sold at this food line in lorton. one of 33 tickets nationwide that matched five numbers but did not match the powerball. in case you want to check the number, 10, 13, 14, 22, 52 and the powerball is 11. all eyes on a small suburb in
6:42 am
tampa where someone is a half billion dollars richer. curious neighbors have been buzzing around this publix grocery store in the town of zephyrhills where the winning ticket was sold. so far, no one has claimed the $590 million jackpot. can you imagine? >> i can't. >> just to put things in perspective, the winnings are about 12 times the city budget for zererhills last year, which was just $47 million, and if 13,000 residents split the prize, ear person would take home a cool $44,000. >> absolutely absurd amount of money. good for them. all right. 6:h42 is the time. a look outside, lots of clouds around the area and a lot of humidity as well. >> right. see if things are warming up rapidly. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein with the forecast. >> a mild and muggy monday morning. temperatures now in the 60s all around the region. and we will stay in the 60s another couple hours. noontime, the forecast, falls
6:43 am
church, mid-70s, partly sunny. the rest of the afternoon is looking, by 3:00, should be in the low 80s and partly sunny. by then, we could get thundershowers popping up. mainly just south of washington, southern maryland. the rest of north virginia as the higher risk is on. i don't think we'll have severe storms between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m., could have passing thundershowers, thunder, lightning and downpours. a look at the week ahead and your memorial day weekend in ten minutes. >> tom, keeping my eye on i-95. northbound. as you make your way past garrisonville road, that earlier tractor trailer accident still in the shoulder lane. travel lanes open, but delays for about nine mile, it's stop and go. some spots really slow. others you're moving along. over to d.c. 295 as you travel between 50 heading towards the 11th street bridge, you are sluggish. no accidents reported in this area. just a brief delay. traveling the beltway. at coalsville roald, your drive time, 13 minutes to get from
6:44 am
i-95 to i-270. 6:44 now. the morning commute a big challenge following a train crash that shut down a busy rail line from connecticut to new york. connecticut governor dan milloy, concerned about people getting to work. workers removed the two trains that collided. nine remain in the hospital. federal investigators are looking into the cause of this crash. meanwhile, an amtrak train out of new orleans derailed in chicago. amtrak says the wheels of that train lost contact with the tracks yesterday morning. nearly 200 passenger was onboard. no one was hurt. breaking news right now out of iraq. the death toll there climbing from a series of car bombings. at least 40 people were killed in those explosions in baghdad and the southern city of basra. this is brand new video just in to our newsroom of one of those blasts. we're hearing at least nine
6:45 am
bombs in baghdad alone went off. no one claiming responsibility for these attacks. we are learning new details about the accident that pretty much destroyed this northern virginia office building. state police tell us a truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel early yesterday morning, plowed into this building in faulkner county. he was okay. no one was in the building at the time. police cited the driver for reckless driving nap building has been condemned. today we expect the woman charged for killing her husband appear in court. alleged she shot and killed her husband in their home. a washington county police officer. she is charged with first-degree murder. police say the couple's two children were home at the time of the shooting. they're okay and staying with family friends. we're learning new detailance a the fbi agents killed in a virginia beach training accident last week. special agents christopher lorick and stephen shaw were members of an elite hostage
6:46 am
rescue team. the men were based at quantico. the team is the first one that made headlines earlier this year. you see in the video, they successfully rescued a 5-year-old boy held hostage in an underground bunker in alabama. agents killed-the-captor, gypy lee dykes, who took the boy from a school bus. and officially law in maryland, supporters are launching a new ad campaign to convince voters it was the right move. >> something had to be done. >> and here in maryland, we stood up. >> and joined the governor -- >> the ad starts rinning in the baltimore area, how supporters believe the law will be affective in preventing gun violence. the law will likely face legal challenge from the nra and could face a referendum in november. new opposition as lawmakers resume immigration talks today. the union representing 12,000 u.s. citizenship and immigration services officers expected to speak out against the bill on capitol hill. that measure is currently in the
6:47 am
senate's judiciary committee where the it has more than 300 amendments under consideration. a bipartisan group of senators known at the gang of eight is leading that charge. republicans will spend the next week hammering the white house again about the recent controversies involving the irs and the justice department. that irs scandal will take center stage again on wednesday. the agency's former acting head will testify before a senate committee. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said this -- >> what we're talking about here is an attitude that the government knows best. the nanny state is here to tell us you what to do, and if we start criticizing, you get targeted. >> we've seen this playbook from the republicans before. what they want to be, lacking a positive agenda, try to drag washington into a swamp of partisan fishing es spa additions, trumped up hearings and false allegations. we're not going to let that happen. >> mcconnell was less harsh on
6:48 am
the obama administration when discussing revelation that the justice department obtained staffers phone records. he is a supporting -- the siege serf documents unconstitution. he says the associatepress may even take legal action against the government. pruitt says this case made sources less willing to talk to ap journalists and believes this could hurt other outlets in the future. and bakker -- baker looking to tackle houses. it includes a plan to create a new department of permits, inspection and enforcement. that agency would deal with abandoned houses, uncut grass and other irish you are as some say devalue the homes around them. in the few moss the county has already torn down 40 homes. the county may also be one step closer to getting its first
6:49 am
whole foods, according to "the washington post." the county's planning board lp review key elements of the project later this week. that project would libring new housing, a hotel and shops as well including the whole foods to river daydale park. critics say it would create too much of a traffic burden. new requirements will not keep residents of fairfax county apartment complex from returning to their homes after it redevelopedthat word from the county board of supervisors nap project will tear down and rebuild the crescent apartments in reston pap complex that is mostly low-income residents. protesters yesterday said new restrictions would keep more than 80 mrs percent of the current residents, they wouldn't qualify. the county board of supervisors tells us all current residents will be allowed to stay. breaking news right now. brand new video just in. destruction caused by a series of tornadoes that swept through the midwest. several twisters hit three states. one person killed.
6:50 am
dozens injured as well. nbc's jay gray has more on the damage from there in hard-hit shawnee, oklahoma. >> reporter: violent weather rip aid cross much of the midwest over the weekend. storms lining up and lighting up the radar. spawning dozens of tornadoes. the most vicious hit sunday was in shawnee, oklahoma, where a twister splintered this neighborhood several blocks, completely wiped away. but the trail of debris stretches across several states now. homes and businesses ripped apart. >> no sooner had we gotten in the basement that we saw, heard heavy wind and heavy rain, and after it subsided we came out and saw that we sustained quite a bit of damage. >> snapped power lines and stripped trees just outside of oklahoma city. two 18 wheelers pushed on in their sides. one left dangling along the railing of an overpass.
6:51 am
>> a bunch of dust still flying around. i thought maybe smaller, but this is pretty big. >> reporter: like temperatures of millions across the u.s. continue to be on edge with forecasters warning severe conditions could continue for the next few days here. jay gray, nbc news. and as we watch all the severe weather there in the midwest, tom kierein is here keeping an eye on what's in store for us. any of that moving our way? >> no, no. we do have a possibility of scattered thundershowers this afternoon, but nothing like that. i don't anticipate any severe weather. the right now a gray sky over capitol hill. live, new from the nbc 4 hd city camera, 68 cloudy at reagan national. it has turned humid. how date is looking by 8:00, in the 70s. smau shower chance at noontime. com get thundershowers coming through, maybe thunder and lightning, again, between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.
6:52 am
by then, around 80 degrees. highs expected around the region near 80 across much of virginia, west virginia, maryland, eastern shores, right near the bay waters, shoulding a bit cooler with a breeze off the water. a persistent summererly wind. by noontime, potential of showers. a few scattered showered may be popping up. by the afternoon, mid-afternoon, main threat of showers south and south east of washington as well in the mountains, these areas in green. that's between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. could get some of those thundershowers coming through. overnight tonight, partly cloudy by dawn tuesday, mid-60s. tomorrow into the mid-80s. more like late june, early july. we'll have a possibility of scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon tomorrow and, gep, probably not severe. then feeling like late july and august. on wednesday, in the upper 80s, steamy humidity and partly sunny. could get afternoon storms on wednesday. perhaps into wednesday night, too, as well as off and on on thursday. thunderstorms are possible.
6:53 am
storm team 4 seven-day outlook, friday into the first part of the memorial day weekend, looking terrific. just a small chance of storms around on friday, and then saturday and sunday, lower humidity. 50s in the mornings. afternoon high 70s to near 80. back with frequent updates throughout the "today" show. here's danella looking at traffic. >> checking 395. not bad at all heading towards the 14th street bridge. takes you 16 minutes. travel north and southbound on 395. roads look good also if traveling metro vre, not bad. a minor six-minute delay. train 874. keeping my eye on the earlier sdentd. i-95 northbound. it's in the shoulder lane at 610, garrisonville road. 610. what's happening, you are pretty slow in the area of stafford. once you get towards quantico, continuing towards the beltway, not bad at all. you can see fairfax county parkway, a fair ride for you.
6:54 am
no accidents north or southbound on i-95 in virginia. >> thank you, danella. 6:54. tony at the newsdesk with breaking news. >> breaking news out of dallas, text. new video. moments ago, you see the fire, how intense. this fire is at six alarms. 24 units. 100 firefighters on the scene. big news following, one firefighter is trapped. the last radio contact they had from that firefighter was that he said he didn't know where he was. we are monitoring tweets from our sister station in dallas and they put up a picture that had firefighters gathered around, consoling each other, hoping they get any word about where their fellow firefighter is. we're going to continue to follow on that. also, some slacollapses in some the units. 24 units on fire. a six-alarm fire. you can see some of the folks,
6:55 am
we can describe at residents, sitting outside, figuring where this is going to go. this is a six-alarm fire. we'll continue to follow the story and get you more on for now, back to you. >> thanks. if you filled up your gas tank lately you've noticed of prices are up. aaa reports tprices have risen. drivers will see lower prices at the pump this memorial day weekend. the districts, $3.75 for regular. maryland,s 3ds.50. virginia, $3.39. in west virginia, $3.65 for gallon of gas. new taoday, if you ride the rail, launching a smart car that could make your ride cheaper if you only travel between a few stations. the new smart trip card costs only $7. previously only available with paper care cards. with it you'll be able to buy and load passes online. get unlimited trips up to $3.50
6:56 am
during peak times and unlimited trips during off-peak times. a look at four things you need to know before you head out the door at 6:56. waiting for the person to come forward and claim the $590 million dollar jackpot. the winning ticket sold at this publix grocery store in the town of zephyrhills, florida. the million dollar ticket also sold in lorton, virginia. >> in virginia, traveling the second day of the campaign fly-around. first unified push. >> getting to work between connecticut and new york is a big challenge this morning. amtrak suspended service in that busy corridor following a train crash in fairfield. nine people remain in the hospital. and residents across the midwest assessing the damage after a series of violent tornadoes. at least one person died after a twister touched down in oklahoma. 21 are injured in that state. tom? put away your fluffy coat, take out your tank top. summer is back. afternoon highs, low 80s.
6:57 am
steamy, humidity, might get afternoon storms. >> thank you. that is "news4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. >> "today" show is snex. back in 25 minutes with breaking news and weather and traffic. see up then ♪ for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created... a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more.. low and no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know... exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks... with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories... america's beverage companies are delivering.
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america's beverage companies are delivering. starting may 20th paints at participating d.c. stores. ♪ good morning. breaking news. the midwest braces for even more severe weather this morning.